Best Fishing Destinations In Southeast Asia
Best Fishing Destinations In Southeast Asia

5 Best Fishing Destinations In Southeast Asia

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Exploring new places is a big deal if you are a fishing enthusiast. Many places known for their beauty of nature as well as fishing paradise are there in the Southeast Asia. Some countries in Southeast Asia are excellent homes for many species of fish. They also offer an extremely fun deep sea fishing throughout the year. Southeast Asia is perfect even for a beginner angler. If you can’t decide where to come in Southeast Asia, worry not! We have a list of best fishing destinations in Southeast Asia recommended by many anglers. Get your note ready and here is the list.

  1. Lengkawi, Malaysia

Lengkawi is one of the best fishing destinations in Southeast Asia located in the Norwest coast of Malaysia. This place has a great abundance of many game fish. Go for a deep sea fishing for a strong match between you and the fish. This place is already known across the country and maybe the world as well, a best place for big-eyed tuna, rainbow runner, sailfish, striped marlin, giant trevally and much more. The beauty of nature is not a myth here. Beautiful beaches and wild nature are always a great thing to heal your mind.

  1. Papua New Guinea

This place was a part of Indonesia back then, but they decided to go independent many years ago. Papua New Guinea may be a little underrated and not many anglers know the greatness about this place. When it comes to fishing, give it a note for this place. Its wild nature and fishing paradise are a great deal. Tauri and Lakekamu rivers are known for their massive size of freshwater fish. If you go to their ocean, barramundi and bass are ready to get your bait.

  1. Andaman Sea, Phuket, Thailand

Hands down for this place. Even the world has known their greatness in fishing paradise. Its crystal clear waters are not only the main things here. Their abundant of fish is excellent. Wahoo, mahi-mahi, rainbow runner, trevally, narrow barrel mackerel, tuna, cobia, black marlin, barracuda, and sailfish are only some of their greatness. Come and experience yourself, so you know how it feels.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

You may know Indonesia for its cultures and beautiful natural places. But if you go deeper and explore more, this place is a great home for various species of fish. Bali is only one of the well-known place for fishing, but actually, there are more. Don’t be played by its pretty beach, go to their ocean for deep sea fishing and you will be shocked. Trevally, sailfish, Spanish mackerel, blue marlin, and barracuda are only a small part of their fish diversity. If you have not tried the spear fishing, this place is ready to teach you. And the best thing is that you can go anytime throughout the year.

  1. Borneo, Malaysia

The last but definitely not least of best fishing destinations in Southeast Asia is Borneo. Borneo is actually a part of Malaysia and Indonesia. Whether you fish in Malaysia or Indonesia it will never disappoint you. When you go fish here, you are fishing in the South China Sea waters and it is a great place for many kinds of fish. Aside from this place is very beautiful in nature, the fishing experience they offer is also incredible. You can go both deep sea or offshore fishing. Go for deep sea if you want to feel their group and codfish as well as marlin, mahi-mahi, barracuda, and sailfish. And of course deep on their ocean, still, various kinds of fish await your bait.

Southeast Asia has been one of the most popular places for many anglers to go and fish here. Their wild and pretty nature is not the only thing they offer, but great fishing experience also awaits you. Always ask for their fishing rules and regulations because they may have some rules to obey. If you have enough time and budget, check out these places for sure. Thanks for reading and good luck!