Best Ice Fishing Tips
Best Ice Fishing Tips

5 Best Ice Fishing Tips You Need to Know

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Ice fishing is one of the fishing methods that are dangerous. You need to find your fishing spots while walking in ice layers. Aside from that it is dangerous, many anglers enjoy their fishing time during the winter. It gives you a fresh experience of fishing. If you are new to ice fishing, you can’t let yourself go without any basic tips.

We have collected 5 best ice fishing tips for you. These tips will help you get a nice experience during your fishing trip. Let’s hop into it.

  1. Location

The first ice fishing tip is to know your location. Ice fishing is generally done on a frozen lake and fish have their own preferred place during this cold season. If you are going to a small and shallow lake, fish is usually swimming on a shallow level. This is because fish goes to the place where the oxygen level is good and deeper water contains less oxygen.

If you are going to a big and deep lake where there are shelters there, then you can go deeper since there should be good enough oxygen there. Some fish, like walleye and perch like to go deeper on the lake.

  1. Come prepared

Every pro angler will always come prepared. They have their equipment ready with some different presentation. If you do this, your fishing will be more effective. Rig up several rods in different ways, so that you can change quickly when it is needed. By doing this your fishing trip will be more optimal since you save some of your time beforehand.

  1. Times

During the winter days, fish will be less active and less aggressive. They tend to swim slowly in order to save their energy. The best time to go fishing during the cold winter is early in the morning and late afternoon. Fish is likely to be more active during these times, like walleye and crappie. While some species of fish will be more active during the day like pike and sunfish.

It is best if you do a little research for your location. Asking the locals would be excellent. They supposed to know what is the best time to fish and what species of fish are likely to be there.

  1. Moving

It is necessary to move from one spot to another one. Don’t ruin your fishing trip just because you keep waiting to get a bite from one spot. Find a spot where you think there will be fish’s food, shelter and good oxygen. Fish tend to go to that place.

A pro angler will change their spot when they think they have waited long without no catch. Move to a different spot if you get nothing in 15 minutes.

  1. Technique

Techniques are another important ice fishing tips you should know. If you do the jigging technique, make sure not to do it abruptly. Remember that fish moves slowly during the cold weather in order to save their energy. By jigging to much fish tend to pass your bait because they don’t want to use much of their energy. Take it slow and wait for a bite.

Jigging is always preferred while ice fishing. Try a bigger lure first and jig slowly. If this results in no bite then try a smaller lure. Jig them about a feet from the bottom slowly. You can also use live baits. Live baits never go wrong for fishing.

Another ice fishing tips are to come well dressed and bring some needed tools. It means that you need to know your fishing condition. Make sure that you wear a warm jacket and durable boots while fishing. Tools such as bucket and ice scoop are also needed. Whether your fishing trip success or not you will still get experience to fill your knowledge gap. We hope that our 5 best ice fishing tips helpful for you, keep practicing so that you can become a pro angler. Good luck!