Tips for Fishing Salmon
Tips for Fishing Salmon

5 Best Tips for Fishing Salmon You Need to Know

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Salmon is one of the most popular sportfishes out there. It is also a popular fish to be consumed by humans. It is usually large in size and has tasty flash. Many anglers like to fish salmon for its good fighting spirit. Salmon is actually a name for some common fish under Salmonidae family. They are categorized as an anadromous fish. It means that salmon hatch in a freshwater then they go to the ocean to grow up and come back again to the freshwater for spawning. The amazing thing is that they spawn on the exact place where they hatch.

Salmon can be found on the both coasts of Atlantic and Pacific oceans. If you are going to fish salmon, we have collected tips for fishing salmon that will be useful for your fishing trip. Keep it in mind for a successful salmon fishing.

Tips for fishing salmon

  1. Location

Salmon can be found in both freshwater and saltwater. You can find them in a narrow stream or in the depth of the ocean. Many anglers recommend fishing for salmon in a falling river. But they are actually swimming in both raising or falling water. They love water with good currents as well as estuaries and tributaries places. If you don’t get any catch in one spot, don’t waste your time and take another spot. Find the best spot which likely to be a home for salmon.

  1. Weather

Weather can be your succes determiner. Fishing salmon will be best on a cloudy day. They like to live in a place where well-sheltered. An overcast day can be your bright day to fish salmon. You can also fish them during the early morning or late afternoon since the sun is not shining too strong. If you decided to fish on a bright and super sunny day, salmon tend to hide in a deeper water to avoid the strong lightning and they are not as active as when the sky is grey.

  1. Lures and Live Bait

One popular bait to catch salmon is roe or eggs. Many anglers bring roe as their bait to fish salmon. If you don’t bring your roe, you can still use any other lures or bait. Salmon is running fish and they like to snack on flies. Artificial lures such as spinner and fly will work well to attract them. Find the right size and appearance for the best attraction. Pro anglers will keep several lures in their tackle box differ in size and appearance in order they need to change it.

Live bait will be an excellent move. There is another tip to increase your possibility to get a bite. Put an extra bait into your lures such as worms. A small worm will be good attached in your lures to attract salmon.

  1. Hook

You can’t go fish salmon with just a regular hook. Salmon is known for their strong jawline. An ordinary hook will be hard to catch one. Find the one which is as sharp as a razor and strong enough to fight its strong jawline.

  1. Stamp

In the U.S you are probably required to get a stamp or permit to fish salmon or to take it home. You also need your fishing license. It is used to fund salmon conservation or stocking.

When you want to fish salmon, keep our tips in mind since they can be super helpful for you. Make sure you know the fishing rules or regulations in the place you are about to do your fishing trip. We hope that our tips for fishing salmon are informational and helpful for you. Always fill your self with practices and experiences to be a pro angler. Thank you for reading and good luck!