Excellent Fishing Spots in Indonesia
Excellent Fishing Spots in Indonesia

5 Excellent Fishing Spots in Indonesia that You can Try Right Away

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As an archipelago nation and has the best sector in the maritime, Indonesia is very rich in the terms of its nature. There are lots of natural resources in Indonesia in several sectors, especially from the sea sectors. There are many kinds of sea resources that you can find in Indonesia, from coral, crabs, and fish. To get the best fish in Indonesia, you have to go to the place that considered as the excellent fishing spots in Indonesia, and where it is? Now there will be an explanation about the 5 excellent fishing spots in Indonesia where you can get the great and lot of fish.

  1. Alor Island

Have you ever heard Alor Island? Some of you probably unfamiliar with the Island, since not many people, have visited this Island which located in East Nusa Tenggara. To get to this island, you have to take a boat from Kupang. Alor Island is a recommended fishing spot, since there is much fish, especially in the offshore of the island. The fish that you can catch is Tuna, but you can catch a lot of different types of fishes in Alor Island.

  1. Mentawai Island

Located in the West Sumatra, Mentawai Island is one of the excellent fishing spots in Indonesia that you can explore. Mentawai Island has more than 40 fishing locations that you can try to explore to get the fish that you wanted to have. The fish that you can catch in Mentawai Island mostly are Barracuda or Giant Trevally. To get to this fishing spot, you have to rent a boat and explore the fishing spot on your own.

  1. Teluk Awang

Located in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Teluk Awang has become one of the most favorite fishing spots by the fishing addict in the current year. Teluk Awang is always full with fisherman, from those who fish from the boat or those who sit in the side port of the Island. The fish that you can catch in Teluk Awang are mostly 50kg Tuna, Swordfish, and even Lobster. However, if you want to try to get something like bigger Tuna or even shark, then it is recommended for you to rent a boat and challenge yourself

  1. Weh Island

Not only famous for the diving and snorkeling spots, Weh Island is also popular by people of Indonesia or tourist for the fishing spots. Located in the far west of Indonesia, approximately in Aceh province, Weh island is quite an isolated Island which needs 60 minutes ride by boat from Banda Aceh. In Weh Island, you can catch a different kind of fishes, such as Tuna, Grouper, or even the rare Megamouth Shark. If you are a fishing addict, you might want to visit this Island as soon as you can.

  1. Fakfak Sea

Located on the eastern continent of Indonesia, Fakfak sea is very rich in terms of natural and preserved resources, especially fishes. In the sea of Fakfak, you can catch lots of fish, from Barracuda, Shark, or 100kg Tuna. To get around and fish in the Fakfak sea fishing spots, you have to rent a boat from Fakfak and personally fishing on your own.

Those are the 5 excellent fishing spots in Indonesia that you can try right away. The fishing spots mentioned mostly located on the island that barely visited by people or tourist, thus nature is still preserved. Moreover, not only you can enjoy a great fishing time, but you can enjoy the scenery and the nature provided in the fishing spots. Do not forget to share your experience if you ever try the fishing spots mentioned above.