Spring Bass Fishing Tips
Spring Bass Fishing Tips

5 Spring Bass Fishing Tips

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Spring bass fishing tips are on the following explanation. As you know, spring is the great season to be a bass angler. After the long winter, bass will likely to stir. Moreover, they will also be in more bulky look before or even after the energy draining spawn. In catching the bass, you may need special technique or tips. If you want to know all of them, finish reading this article.

  1. Shallow close to deep

During the spring, the areas of transition points are very active. Therefore, it is important for you to find shallow water located near deep water. There, you might be able in finding more bass. However, some areas such as lakes, rivers, or areas near creeks usually has higher amount of fish. In locating the coves, points, as well as break lines, you can use depth finder or even depth map to get the precise location.

  1. Cover with lots of water

Based on what Kevin VanDamm suggested, this tactic can works well even for any season. You need to keep the trolling motor you make then works in as many areas as you can. It will give two up to five good casts. After that, you can move on. If you find it hooked up, you can slow it down then work in the area meticulously. However, you might not be able in getting the same result as the previous day. It is because bass are likely to shift during the spring.

  1. The correspondence of warm weather with shallow

Bass loved to get into warm areas. It helps them to shake off the winter listlessness. In other words, you may need to hit shallow areas after the bright  or sunny days. On the other hand, the cold days will also affect bass. When the cool and cloudy time comes, bass will likely hold in deeper areas. Some of the examples are original creek beds as well as deep pools often find in natural lakes. For the best recommended tips, you can stump an old creek during the cold weather.

  1. Do not be in a rush

Before the warmth sets in, it is important for you to slow down your retrieve. It is just the same as you give sluggish bass the chance of catching your lure. For your information, the cold water will slow down the metabolism of the bass. In other words, they will have less energy as well as less speed. Therefore they will likely pass in a baitfish in fast paced. On the other hand, the slow moving crank bait you have might look like a meal they cannot resist.

  1. Mind the performance apparel

As you might know, spring is one unpredictable season, therefore, you need to prepare anything such as fishing apparel in top quality. Jacket or fishing masks are the two samples, which may give you the comfort feeling,

Those are all the tips we can share you. Hopefully, you will get a nice caught by applying these spring bass fishing tips .