Bass Fishing Tips And Tricks
Bass Fishing Tips And Tricks

6 Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks

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Bass fishing tips and tricks will be given in the following brief explanation. If you are looking for the steps in getting best bass fishing, get all of these tips in your fishing.

  1. Try to get to know the habits having by bass

Firstly, you need to know that weather plays a big role in determining the presence of bass. When the sun is shining brightly, most of bass will look for shelter. In contrast, when the sun is hiding behind the cloud, or when there is only little sun came out, the bass is likely to come out from the shelter, which is protecting them. in other words, if you are fishing in a sunny days, you might need to fish near the areas where bass have high possibilities on going for a shelter. In this way, you need to keep your bait as close as to the areas.

  1. Try to use buzzbait

Buzzbait might not be a familiar thing for many people. However, it is actually the common thing used by many pro in bass tournaments. How could this thing works? Buzzbait has buzzing noise as its success key. This noise has the capability of attracting bass, even from far away distance.

  1. Choose the right time when fishing

Do not waste your time in trying to catch bass by fishing on the wrong timing. For a hint, the first early hours in the morning is the best time to fish some bass. If you could not make time in this period, you can also have it in the last few hours before the evening comes. It is because most bass will look for food in the afternoon, if the day is cloudy or the water is muddy. For ore tricks, you can try to fish an hour before the sunrise or an hour before the sunset for better catch.;

  1. Focus on the line every time

Examining the line whether it is right above the lure you use is never be a waste thing to do. It is because the fact that the line might get frayed is a common happening, as it may make a contact with rocks, stumps, gravel, branches, and many more things. Certainly, losing the bass you should get just because line breaking is not one thing you expect right?

  1. Do not worry about the size of the lure

Even you are not using the big size lure, it does not mean that you will only get the small bass. In fact, bass in large amount is likely to strike prey, which is 25% up to 50% of its length. In other words, it is also possible that when you use large lures, you will only catch small bass.

  1. Try to use live bait

For the last tips, you can also use live bait when your lures could not give you the result you expected. For the best recommendation, you can try shiners. Besides that, worms, frogs as well as crayfish also works well for another bass fishing tips and tricks.