Best Fishing Destinations in Australia
Best Fishing Destinations in Australia

6 Best Fishing Destinations in Australia You Need to Note

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Australia is one of the best destinations for fishing. Many places are known for its abundance of great species of fish. Australia’s popularity has spread across the world that this place is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. If you are quite new and been wondering about places to visit for fishing while in Australia, you don’t have to worry. Here we have a list of the best fishing destinations in Australia as well as its abundance of fish. Here are our picks!

  1. Cape York, Queensland

Cape York in Queensland is the first recommendation for best fishing destinations in Australia. Many anglers say that Cape York is a fishing paradise. Its beautiful beaches are ready to heal you. There are a variety of fish species you can try to fish here. Barramundi, giant trevally, mangrove jack, queenfish, cobia, mackerel, cod, king salmon, and tuna are ready to take your bait. Get your tools ready and off to Cape York!

  1. Exmouth, Western Australia

Exmouth is very popular with the existence of Ningaloo Reef. This place is a great home for many kinds of fish. You can actually do many kinds of fishing technique here. Many anglers usually do the fly fishing, bait fishing, trolling, and lure fishing. It also possible to do deep fishing, various game fish are ready to take your bait including sailfish, swordfish, and marlin.

  1. Cairns, Queensland

Cairns in Queensland is very famous for its massive black marlin. No wonder if this place is also called black marlin capital of the world. The best time to come and fish black marlin here is around September to late December. You can also come anytime you like. Various game fish are available throughout the year. Mahi mahi, yellowfish tuna, trevally, sailfish, Spanish mackerel and much more are ready to take your bait. This place also has its international airport which is very easy to access.

  1. Port Lincoln, South Australia

This place is already well-known across the world. If you like seafood, this place is a paradise for you. Also popular with its huge blue tuna, Port Lincoln has become many anglers’ favorite to come and fish. You can do either cast from the beach or use a boat to reach the ocean. Aside from tuna, this place is also known for snapper, snook, garfish, salmon, and squid. Late summer and late autumn would be the best time to look for tuna while late spring and summer are best for kingfish.

  1. Gippsland, Victoria

Gippsland is famous for its diversity in habitat. From lakes to mountain stream they are here in Gippsland. Beautiful estuaries are ready to heal your mind. Its clear water on their lakes is also a big deal. Their river and lake are famous for redfin, carp, eel and Australian bass. While you can also fish from the mountain stream which best for its brown and rainbow trout. You will find some bait shops on the way to this place, asking one of them would be very helpful for you.

  1. Lake Jindabyne, New South Wales

Lake Jindabyne is known for its trout fishing. Brown, rainbow and brook trout all are here on its best stamina. Not forget to mention the Atlantic salmon too. You can do many kinds of fishing method here. Bait fishing, fly fishing, trolling, and spinning are the most popular ones. Try to visit this place during the summer months, since it is the best time for you to fish. Lastly, from June to October this place is closed because they want to give time for trout and salmon to spawn.

That is all for our recommendations for the best fishing destinations in Australia. If you have time and enough budget, go and explore as much as you can. You will find a lot of things best for yourself. Get your backpack and fishing equipment ready and off to Australia! Good luck fish fighters!