Best Fishing Destinations in Latin America
Best Fishing Destinations in Latin America

6 Best Fishing Destinations in Latin America You Need to Check Out

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Latin America has some great fishing destinations, which  are very fun to explore. They are popular among anglers because of their abundance of fish species, especially game fish. For you who are quite a traveler and like to explore new places for fishing, you need to check out some of these recommended places by us. We have gathered recommendations across the websites regarding with best fishing destinations in Latin America and these 6 places are best recommended. Here is the list of best fishing destinations in Latin America.

  1. Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Golfito and Puerto Jimenez are the best fishing places in Costa Rica Peninsula. They both are famous for the inshore fishing. They are definitely holding one of the best fishing places around the world. Various species of fish are abundant here. Some of the most popular ones are blue, black, and striped marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, pacific sailfish, and giant dorados. And there are still a lot more down their water.

  1. Northern Patagonia, Chile

If you are a fly fishing person, Northern Patagonia in Chile is the best option out there. This place is widely known for the best fly fishing experience. Chaiten and Coyhaique in Northern Patagonia are the best places to go fly fishing. Numerous rivers and mountain streams, as well as lakes, hold the best freshwater fishing experience. Some of the fishing spots are remote areas, so you might need to put an extra effort to reach it. But once you get there, your effort is sure not going to be a waste. And oh, this place is also famous among Presidents and celebrities!

  1. Rio Colorado, Costa Rica

Rio Colorado in Costa Rica is one of the best destinations in Latin America for deep sea fishing. The collaboration of Rio Colorado and the Caribbean sea offer the best deep sea fishing. This place is also famous if you are into fishing for snook. You can also try to fish mammoth tarpon, which can weight around 200 lbs. Various fishing methods are worth trying here. You can try surf fishing, casting, fly fishing, or trolling while here.

  1. Los Roques, Orinoco Delta, El Pacer, Venezuela

Our next pick for the best fishing destinations in Latin America comes from Peru. Los Roques, Orinoco Delta, and El Pacer are popular destinations for fishing in Venezuela. Its warm water offers the best fishing experience. Various species of fish are abundant here including sailfish, billfish, blue marlin, white marlin, and barracuda. Venezuela is sure a paradise for fishing enthusiasts.

  1. Cabo Blanco, Peru

Cabo Blanco is one of the best fishing destinations in Latin America. Wanna break one of the fishing records? Cabo Blanco in Pero is the place to go! Many world records of fishing are broken here. It is very popular for fishing massive size of fish. Even though this place is just a small fishing place, but put your trust in this place. It offers the best fishing experience for you. The popularity of this place started since 1950’s for its big fish. The world record’s 1560 pound black marlin was caught here in Cabo Blanco.

  1. Amazon Basin, Brazil

Brazil’s Amazon is sure a great place you don’t want to miss out. Especially if you are a fishing enthusiast, this place is a paradise. Many fast rivers, lakes, tributaries, and streams are here offer you a great fishing experience. Amazon basin is famous for their peacock bass, and red bellied piranha. Try the diversity of fishing spots by Amazon for to fill up your experience levels.

If you have time and budget, go explore as much as you want. Latin America is one of the best fishing paradises out there. There are still many more great fishing destinations here that you need to explore yourself. We hope that our best fishing destinations in Latin America helpful for you. Keep exploring and good luck!