Best deep sea fishing spots
Best deep sea fishing spots

6 of World’s Best Deep-Sea Fishing Spots

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Going on a deep-sea fishing is always exciting. You will always a chance to have a great match against whatever under the ocean. We believe that every angler has his or her own favorite place for deep-sea fishing. Somehow, if you think you lack of information about good places for deep-sea fishing then you are at the right place.

Here we are going to show you several places, which are known for its great experience for fishing. There is no order or even rank. They are just beautiful themselves. Get yourself ready and let’s jump into it. Here are our recommendation of best deep-sea fishing spots.

  1. Phuket, Thailand

The first best deep-sea fishing spot is in the Southeast Asia. This place is famous for its excellent fish abundance. You are going to have a nice game fish on the Andaman Sea. It is a home for countless species of underwater creature. Get yourself fit to win the match with marlin, tuna, queen fish, giant trevally, sea bass, catfish, and barbs.

Go around July and October for the best catch and the weather is nice around that time. But you have to understand the strict catch and release policy in Thailand for avoiding any penalty.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

If you are craving for a big match with giant-sized tuna, then Cape Town is the place to go. It is a famous place for a deep-sea fishing. With variety fish species, you will never regret coming here. It is a beautiful place. You will find many anglers all around the world ready to fight. It is a good place for fishing throughout the year, but we would recommend fishing here around September and June for a great catch of tuna.

  1. Sicily, Italia

Beautiful view and a great home for fish are the definitions for this place. With its clear blue water and variety of fish will never get you tired. You can always hope for the best when fishing here. If you have not try spear fishing, then try it here. Dive in the ocean and get your fish to come to you. Tuna, amberjack, grouper, swordfish and many others fish are waiting for your bait.

  1. Florida Keys, USA

Florida Keys is an excellent place to go deep-sea fishing. Limestone Island is a great choice for your fishing experience on the west coast of Key West. Go for shark and barracudas fishing on Marquesas Keys. Florida Keys are the best place for deep-sea fishing in North America. Better if you go around December and May depends on the fish you are trying to catch. Various fish is waiting for your visit kingfish, wahoo, dolphin, tuna, lobia, snapper, grouper, barracudas, sailfish, sharks and jacks are only several fish species. You can other else.

  1. Bimini, Bahamas

This beautiful small island is famous for fishing among anglers. Experience a great game fish and great fishing fight to add to your experience list. Big black grouper, yellowtail, and mutton snapper are only several of their fish abundance. It is going to be fun to fish here.

  1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

It is a top place for deep-sea fishing. You can have experience of how is it to fish on a world class fishing spot. Don’t miss this spot in your list. You can spend time here for vacation as well as to do your hobby. Tuna, bill fish, and wahoo are popular catches in Cabo San Lucas. They have strict catch and release policy for fishing activity, just to keep their territory abundance-well with world’s great fish.

If you like traveling, visiting famous places just like what we mentioned above is a great plan for your next project. Looking for experience should not just stop somewhere. We hope that our picks on world’s best deep-sea fishing spots informational enough for you. Thank you for reading and have a great catch fellow fighters!