7 Famous Saltwater Fishing Spots in the World You Must Know
7 Famous Saltwater Fishing Spots in the World You Must Know

7 Famous Saltwater Fishing Spots in the World You Must Know

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There is no such a number one place for fishing. We know that anglers have their own favorite spot for fishing. There world is just an endless place for you to get your bait ready. Here are we are about to tell you some famous saltwater fishing spots in the world.

First of all, we think it is important to keep in mind. There is no such a rank for these stunning places. Numbers are only numbers and they are all impressive spots. Here is for you our list of famous saltwater fishing spots in the world. Get yourself ready.

  1. Lizard Island, Aussie

This place is quite easy to reach. Means that you don’t have to take a heavy trip just to be here. Its amazing scenery welcomes you every time you arrive. Don’t worry if you want to go for several-days-vacation, the hotels and resort are there as well.

Fishing here is impressive. Lizard Island is famous for its black marlin and Pacific sailfish. They are ready to take your bait and fight you. There is always going to be a big match between you and the fish. The best month to visit this place would probably in October, when the water is calm and the weather is nice. You can also try fishing in a kayak.

  1. Iztapa, Guatemala

Another famous fishing spot in the world is Iztapa. It is located on the Pacific coast. Its clear blue water attracts you to go fishing. Calm water and moderate temperature are other points Iztapa gives you.

Various fishes ready to get in the game. This place is popular for their Pacific sailfish and Yellow finish. The best time for fishing would be in November and May.

  1. Pi As Bay, Panama

This is one of the best places for saltwater fishing. It has beautiful view and great abundance of big fish down their water. A great home for both big and small fish. Go near the shore if you want to get small fish and get to the ocean for a big catch.

Blue marlin, amberjack, and sailfish are popular catch for this place. Get your tackle box ready and go for an impressive experience. The resorts are pretty much developed here.

  1. Montauk, New York

Another best fishing spot is there in New York. If you are visiting New York, and are a fishing enthusiast, you need to go to Montauk. Go when there is a migration season or also famous for fall fishing. This place is going to give you experience fighting against striped bass, albacore, black fish and sea bass.

  1. Rio Colorado, Costa Rica

Its tropical atmosphere is a big hit of this place. You are going to have a big match here. Don’t worry, if you like a strong game against big fish, this place must there in your must-go list. Marlin, Snook, Dorato, Wahoo, and even large tarpon are ready to welcome you and take your bait.

  1. Florida Keys

This place is famous among fishing enthusiast. This excellent fishing spot is going to give you one of the best fishing experience. It is a chain of islands, which offers a great landscape for your fishing experience. Black fish and grouper are famous catch here. It is also home for snook, bonefish, and tarpon.

  1. Papua New Guinea

Compared to fishing places mentioned above, this place is quite underrated. However, this place is amazingly great for your fishing experience. With a great abundance and home to various kinds of fish, you can’t just resist this place. Its clear blue water and stunning landscape are great points to this place. You may not be going to meet many anglers waiting for their bait to get caught because it is still a quiet place. Black bass, barramundi, and dogtooth tuna are impressive catch here.

That all is for our famous saltwater fishing spots in the world. Go get your backpack ready and travel as much as you can for great experiences in your life. It is also fun to go traveling and get to know these beautiful places. Thank you for reading!