Fishing Tips for Catfish
Fishing Tips for Catfish

Amazing Fishing Tips for Catfish You need to Try

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Catfish or Siluriformes Order is one of the so many types of fish which is commonly found in freshwater. Their size may vary, from small size to a massive one. They could be weight 600lbs. You can find catfish almost at every place of the world except one, Antarctica. Some slangs are given to this fish species such as chucklehead, mud flats, and pollywogs.

They are not that kind fish that bite their prey, they rather take it as one shot, simply they gulp their prey. Catfish have a distinct sense that is their whiskers. It works as smell detector as well to locate their prey. They love smelly prey. If you would like to go fishing for catfish, here are some fishing tips for catfish to boost your luck while fishing.

  1. Bait

One bait that has been popular to fish catfish is chicken liver. Many people use this as their bait and it works wonders. Use a treble hook to secure your bait, so that you will not lose it while waiting for it to be bitten. You can also try another bait for catfish, find the one that is a bit smelly because catfish detect their prey with their sensor and look for smelly prey.

Worms or minnows, cut-baits are also good for fishing catfish even though they are not quite smelly, some anglers have a nice result using these two baits. Smelly artificial bait is always a good option, such as catfish chunk or dough. They will sniff it out from afar if you use smelly bait and attracts catfish better.

They somehow also very selective in sniffing out their pray, even in a great distance they can still smell well. One more bait that is popular among anglers is marinated meat since it is also smelly. This gives you a tendency to get a bite.

  1. Location

Catfish love muddy area. Go to a submerged structure to hunt them. Sunken trees and branches are also good homes for them. Some fisherman make their own submerge are to visit the next day and they will have a higher chance of catching catfish. You can use this trick as well, but remember to keep the environment clean and does not pollute the surrounding area.

Go for a night fishing journey for an amazing experience. It is one of the best time to hunt catfish. Look for an area which is a good place to hide. They love packed areas. Somewhere like weedy area, flats, and bars are famous places where catfish usually live and hide.

On a bright day, they are mostly found in a muddy area and deep structured area, something like deep holes and humps. They love to keep themselves well covered.

Use a medium-heavy spinning rod for fishing catfish. You will need it since you are going to have a fight. Catfish will fight you no matter what. They are one of the most popular game fish out there. Don’t forget the rod holder. Use a good quality of rod holders if you don’t want to lose the fight. Boat or shore style kind of rod holder will be beneficial for you and gives you more support.

In order to be able to fish like a pro, you have to go through trials and errors. Don’t worry, every professional angler also begins from zero points until becoming a pro fisher. Practices will give you great experiences and knowledge for your future project. Asking and sharing your concerns with local fisherman and professional angler is a great idea for your input.

We hope that our fishing tips for catfish informational enough for you. Go out and take practices, so you will fill any gap in your knowledge. Always be persistent and patient while fishing and good luck folks!