Best Live Baits for Saltwater
Best Live Baits for Saltwater

Best Live Baits for Saltwater Fishing You Must Know

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Live bait will always be the best option for fishing. Instead of using artificial bait, fishing with live bait gives you bigger chance for a successful fishing. Live bait works for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. But today, we are going to expand on the saltwater fishing.

Saltwater fishing simply refers to ocean fishing. You can find various species of fish there for your fishing experience. In order to get a nice catch, you also need to have a nice bait. We highly recommend going with live baits. If you are not sure what bait to go, then keep reading. Here are best live baits for saltwater fishing.

  1. Shrimp

The first best live bait for saltwater fishing is shrimp. Every angler knows how it feels to fish with shrimp bait. It is the best meal for fish. Somehow the size of the shrimp matters for what fish will be caught. You can go with both live and dead shrimp. As long as the shrimp is fresh then no problem. Insert the hook beneath the shrimp’s head if you want to keep it alive.

If you wanna go with a dead shrimp, then simply take off the head and the tail of the shrimp. You only need the body or the meat and swim them down the water. You can get various catch by shrimp, such as snook, bonefish, permit, redfish, jack crevalle, and so on. So keep your shrimp fresh and you are good to go.

  1. Cut baits

What is cut baits? Cut baits are basically fish that has been cut into several pieces. It is not always be a fish, you can go with any other else, maybe squid or shrimp. You can go with fresh fish and cut it yourself before fishing or while fishing. That is the best that we can recommend or you can also buy it frozen from the market to be more effective. Catfish is a famous catch when you go with cut baits.

  1. Clams

If there is an abundance of clams in the area where you go fishing then go with it. Get it as your bait, you can also get it from the nearest fish market. Remember to keep your bait fresh. Crack the shell to get the meat inside. If it is fresh then it will be hooked best. The frozen version of it also effective for fishing but still nothing would beat such a fresh bait right?

There are various fishes for you to get such as flounder, surfperch, sea trout, striped bass, blackfish rock, and redfish.

  1. Crab

Crab is another good choice for live bait. You can go with hard shell or soft shell crab. The small size would be better for fishing rather than the big one. If you have the big one, you can still tear it off apart as your bait. If you wanna go with the whole crab, just get your hook under its pointed part or the side of the body.

Hard shell crab is tarpon’s and black drum’s favorite meal, while soft shell crab is snook’s and redfish’s favorite.

  1. Eels

Eels might be a-not-so-recommended-bait from the anglers. Many anglers hate to go fishing with this bait because it could turn into a mess and it is not an easy creature to handle. It is quite troublesome for some anglers. Despite the mess and the hard handling, eels could be an excellent bait for your fishing. Big fish loves eels. The best size to go would probably the one with 8 to 16 inches long. Striped bass and tuna are the best for eels bait.

There you go, that’s all for best live baits for saltwater fishing. We always recommend the best ones. Every angler may have a different opinion about this so you have to keep an open mind. Experience yourself so you can understand what would be the best for your fishing. Happy fishing and good luck!