Surf Perch Fishing Tips
Surf Perch Fishing Tips

The Best Surf Perch Fishing Tips

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Surf Perch Fishing TipsBefore delve further into the fishing tips for fishing the surf perch fish, it is wiser to know about the target fish itself beforehand. Well, surf Perch fish come from Perciform fish family. The fish is usually found in the northeast of Pacific Ocean. The fish has a body with compressed oval to oblong shape. The anal fin from the fish has three spines and probably anywhere from 15 to 35 soft rays. The surf perch fish from this perciform family usually have the length size of 4 to 18 inches. In the breeding category, the surf perch fishes are viviparous which means they can breed internally without the help or influence from the male fish. The fertilization process and the embryos for the fish’s children are nurtured and developed inside the female fish. In a single litter of birth, the surf perch can breed from 1 to the range of 113 young surf perch fish. In the water, there are several species of the Surf Perch Fish. Few examples of the Surf Perch Fish species are:

  • Rubberclip
  • Shiner
  • Walleye
  • Calico
  • Barred
  • Red Tail

Why Surf Perch?

What is so special about the surf perch fish compared to other fish? Some fishing lover stated that the steadiness of the perch bite is one of the reason that the fishing lover likes compared to the other type of fishes. One of the Fish lover stated that one of its species, the red tailed surf perch have a large body and also taste delicious when cooked.

Few tips of fishing the Surf Perch fish

Here are a few tips in fishing the Surf Perch fish advised by the professional Surf Perch fisherman:

Release the Pregnant ones

  1. Release the Pregnant ones
  • In order to ensure the Surf Perch Species not extinct and keep reproducing for a better fish population, it is necessary to just release the pregnant Surf Perch Fish if it is being caught. Otherwise the population of the Surf Perch might decrease if the breeding reproduction of the fish itself is being hindered. Also in the US, The Department of Fish and Game will count every fish if the pregnant ones gives birth during the fish is within the possession of the fisher. Imagine if the Pregnant giving birth to 100 fishes at once, then instead of paying for a single fish only.

Locating the Fish Surf Perch

  1. Locating the Fish
  • To be able to fish the Surf Perch, the beach, pier or a jetty is a fine choice of location. In the beach, the location can be determined by identifying the calm riptides which is the calm place where the waves are clashing together. The calm riptides is the usual place for the surf perch to gather.

The Rod and Reels Surf Perch

  1. The Rod and Reels

The Rod and Reels for catching the surf perch are divided into two categories. They are the Long Heavy rod with heavy weight to ensure higher casting range and the other one is the mid-length rod with lighter weight to ensure higher biting sensitivity. You will need to try them both to ensure which one is more suitable for your style. Hopefully this short article would be able to broaden your knowledge on Surf Perch Fishing Tips.