Tiger Muskie Fishing Tips
Tiger Muskie Fishing Tips

The Best Tiger Muskie Fishing Tips

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Tiger Muskie Fishing TipsTiger Muskie is an ambush predator for the fish species. It likes to hide in the nearest objects and then await for their prey to swim by carelessly before devouring them. The Tiger Muskie has a competitive spirit and ferocious appetite. This is the reason that this fish provides real fun for the fish sport lover to catch.

With its elusive nature, the fish have a good reputation of being a challenge for a professional fisher to catch. The size of the fish alone can be about 50+ inches and the weight could easily reach more than 40 pounds. Due to the size of the fish, the photo of the fisher with the fish would give the fisher its own satisfaction and pride by catching the fish.

The Tiger Muskie Characters and Location

The Tiger Muskie Characters and Location

Due to the high difficulty of catching this fish, the Tiger Muskie is also called by the name of “Fish of Thousand Casts” which means that you will need to try to catch this fish a thousand times before actually catching one. Therefore, in order to catch this Elusive Tiger Muskie, it is necessary to truly understand the nature and the “Nesting” location of this fish.

This rough fish has a certain appetite for weeds where they would go for it even if it is located quite far away or deeper. Therefore it can be concluded that it is highly possible the location of this fish is where the place that has a lot of weeds or surrounded by it. Structures like the rocky points, deep humps, shoals, and off wild rice beds are also the places where you would possibly find the Tiger Muskies. Lots of the Muskie hunters also     troll along the shore and the open lake or hunt outside of the weeds.

Few Tips of Fishing the Tiger Muskie

Here are the few tips of catching the Tiger Muskie:

The Right Lures

  1. The Right Lures for Right Location
  • For the location with open water, bigger lures are recommended. Few examples of popular big ones for the muskies are the J-ll Jointed Rapalas, Ziggy Lures, Wiley Lures, and many other big lures.
  • For the location with clear lake, smaller lures with higher visibility are recommended.
  • The Traditional Folklore saying that it is necessary to use a bigger lure for a bigger fish is not true.

Powerful Rods

  1. Powerful Rods
  • Due to the strength of this powerful fish, it is necessary to have a rod with a powerful backbone as well. Rod with at least 7.5 foot length equipped with a moderate fast action which could handle up to 25lbs. test would be necessary for the Tiger Muskies. A heavy spinning Rod is also applicable in catching the muskies.
  1. Proper Tackle is Necessary
  • After the hook has been bitten by the Tiger Muskie, the next final challenge would be to properly get the fish into the boat. Due to its sharp and powerful teeth bite and superb endurance, this won’t be an easy task to accomplish. A Monofilament line is recommended due to its heavy and sturdy backbone and ability to stretch under pressure.

Hopefully by reading this short article, you would find the necessary information in Tiger Muskie Fishing tips.