How to Catch Walleye
How to Catch Walleye

How to Catch Walleye: 4 Best Fishing Tips

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Here are we are going to give you some tips on how to catch walleye. Walleye is not that type of fish that would easily get caught. It is better for you to go fishing with some useful tips. Before we talk about the tips, let’s get closer to this fish first.

Walleye (Sander Viterus)

Walleye is one of the fish that popular to catch. They have distinct appearances that can be easily distinguished. Walleye has big shiny eyes, large mouth and also razor sharp teeth. Olive and gold are mostly the color of their body, which is very pretty. They are known for their big appetite. They usually eat smaller fish, bugs or insects. Because of their big appetite, they could grow quite big.

Walleye is a freshwater fish, you will find them mostly in a river. Their spawn time is during the early spring. In order to attract and get a bite from this fish. We have collected the best tips on how to catch walleye. Keep these tips in your mind for great fishing trip.

  1. Get to know when to catch them

Walleye is not that active fish that would swim whenever and wherever. They are quite lazy and does not really swim hard. The best time to catch this fish is when the sun is not brightly shining. Early morning and late afternoon would be the best time to fish them. If you decided to fish during the bright day, walleye tend to swim on a deeper surface, they are quite shy when the sun brightly shines. Make sure that you decided to fish them on a bright day, you bring the right tools to fish them, like ample sinkers or bottom bouncer to reach a deeper spot. You may also consider to fish them during the night time.

  1. Live baits never go wrong

Some anglers like to use artificial bait to catch fish because they are quite convenient. But you know that live baits are the best option to use. Walleye love minnows and worms. If you have time, go look for minnows, leeches, or worms to fish them. You can also buy it at the fish market. Some anglers say that walleye like to go for minnows during the cold weather and leeches when it gets warmer. Bring your live baits and experience them yourself, you will be able to choose which one would be the best option to catch walleye.

  1. Lures are also a great option

An experienced angler will always bring some extra lures and artificial baits in their tackle box. For walleye fishing, you can also use artificial baits. Go give it a try using plastic artificial bait, you can also try crankbait to attract them. Crankbait is popular to catch walleye so always keep them in your tackle box. Here is some good combination to attract them. To get quite low in the water try using your hook, worm and bottom bouncer together to attract them. The second combination is spinners, ample sinkers or bottom bouncer, this combination is also a great way to fish walleye.

  1. Extra Tips

Walleye is a hard fighter loaded with razor sharp teeth. Make sure that you use the best line and rod you have. Go for troll technique by trolling them quite slow. Since they are not a super active fish, trolling show will give you a better chance. If you troll quite fast, they won’t take their time to even catch your bait.

Keep our tips on how to catch walleye in your mind. They will be helpful for your fishing trip. Let yourself experienced any kinds of condition while fishing. Searching through the websites as well as asking experienced anglers would be great for your knowledge and keep practicing for you to be a better angler. Hope the best for you and good luck!