The Most Common Fishing Techniques
The Most Common Fishing Techniques

The Most Common Fishing Techniques You Need to Know

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There are many teaching techniques out there. Teaching techniques refer to the methods of fishing that is used. There are some traditional fishing techniques and the more modern ones as technology has been more developed. Here are we have collected some of the most common fishing techniques which are popular and interesting to try. If you are into fishing, make sure to try all of these types of fishing technique.

  1. Pole Fishing

Pole fishing is actually a more advanced level of float fishing. The pole that is used while fishing gives many benefits for the anglers. One of the most popular benefits from this technique is preciousness. The chance of getting a bite from the fish is very high. It may take sometimes for you to practice. But once you get the feels, you will love it.

Pole fishing can be done in shallow or fast rivers to small ponds and large lakes. Pole fishing can target both small and larger fish like Salmon.

  1. Bottom Fishing

The next fishing techniques you should know is bottom fishing. Why? Because it is one of the easiest and simplest techniques for fishing. It targeted for fish who lives deep at the bottom of the ocean. Basically, anglers use this technique to fish snapper, sea bream and groupers. Bottom fishing is done with a rod or handline. Handline mostly used in developing countries like Asia, Africa, and the Middle East since they are cheaper rather than fishing with a rod.

  1. Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is often used to catch fish in fresh water. The emphasized point for fly .fishing is the use of artificial fly as a bait. For this technique usually, a special type of rod and reel is used. Sometimes, this technique is also used in saltwater for a more challenging fishing trip. Many anglers see this type of fishing as a fun and exciting as well as challenging technique to try. Freshwater species that are usually targeted are trout and salmon.

  1. Jigging

Jigging is originally invented by Japanese anglers. They use a jig that is some kind of metal lure to attract fish. The way to jigging is also unique. The use of jig is to make your lures go deep down to the bottom and then you reel it up. you don’t completely reel it up toward you, but rather than reel it up to raise the bait about a foot and then drop it again. This is what makes jigging unique and differs from any other techniques.

Jigging is mostly done to target amberjack, yellowtail, grouper, rainbow runner, yellow tuna and much more.

  1. Trolling or Trawling

The points about trolling are, first, mostly done on a moving boat. Second, targeted fish that lives on the water surface. It is basically done like this, you put your fishing rod on the back of the boat as the boat still moving and bait or lures is already attached. This will attract fish that lives on the water surface. This species of fish like to eat smaller fish. Big fish like marlin, swordfish, and sailfish are types of fish that are targeted for this technique as well as tuna and kingfish.

  1. Casting or Spinning

The next most common fishing technique is casting or spinning. This type of fishing is great for beginners. It can be done in a boat using lures. Lures can be varied and specified based on what kind of fish you want to catch. Specific lures are designated to specific purposes to attract particular fish. Casting or spinning is commonly used to catch big game fish. Simply throw your lures in the water and reel it back to you. Lures movement will attract fish to come take your bait.

There are actually still many techniques to fish. But here we provide the most common fishing techniques to use when fishing. Practice will help you to know better what kind of technique will be the best for your fishing. The more you practice, the chance of becoming a pro is also nearer. We hope that our information is helpful for you and good luck fellow anglers!