White Bass Fishing Tips
White Bass Fishing Tips

Easily Fish the White Bass with White Bass Fishing Tips

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For you who love fishing white bass, theses white bass fishing tips might be very useful for you. Although it is not really difficult to catch the fish, some anglers also find some difficulties in fishing white bash. Therefore, we are going to discuss some simple tips that we can follow in fishing white bass.

Things That You Will Need

First thing that you need to prepare is fishing rods. You just need to use the lightweight fishing rods for fishing the white bass. Compared with other types of bass like largemouth bass, white bass is considered as the smaller type, so the lightweight fishing rods will be more than enough. To accompany your fishing road, you will need 5 weight monofilament lines. This type of line will be strong enough to hold the white bass.

The next thing that you will need is the casting reel. There are two common types of reel that you can use to catch small to medium fish like white bass: bait and spin casting reel. Spin is well-known to be the most common types of casting reel. It is flexible and easy to use. Bait casting reel or bait caster is a type of casting reel that will give you more control and accuracy when you cast. It can be used to cast many different types of tackles such as lures and bait.

In the tip of the line, small jigs and spoons will be next things that you will need for fishing white bass. Jigs and spoons will attract the white bass to approach and strike. White bass has quite small mouth, so the small size jigs and spoons are required.

Additionally, you will also need fish finder to help you indicate the location of the white bass school. However, when you don’t have the fish finder, there are other traditional ways that you can use to find the location of the white bass school such as using bird.

White Bass Fishing Tips

First thing that you need to do in fishing the white bass is to find the location of the white bass school. You can use fish finder to help you find the location. Besides using fish finder, you can also look for birds working or fishing. It can be a good indicator of the white bass school.

Once you have get the perfect location or spot, you need to carefully approach the school by using trolling motor and ensure about where the shadows are dropping. White bass is very sensitive and they will immediately move away when the shadows fall over them or when they hear the noisy engine.

In fishing white bass, you should ensure that your spoon drop down to the depth your fish finder shows the fish school is. Let the spoon drop down almost to the bottom because bigger white bass commonly will be located in the bottom. Once you get your spoon in the perfect depth, you can jerk and snap your fishing rod to make your spoons dance up and down in jigging motion.

Those are some white bass fishing tips that can help you catching white bass. Hopefully, these fishing tips can be a good reference for you who are planning to fish white bass in the lake or river.