Ice Fishing Walleye Tips
Ice Fishing Walleye Tips

Eye on the Walleye: Ice Fishing Walleye Tips

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If you are looking for some ice fishing walleye tips, then you have come to the right place, comrades. Ice fishing is one of the most thrilling thing to do because you can only fish in the place where the ice is abundant (refrigerators do not count).

You need to have a place where it is cold enough for the water to freeze, but not too cold that all of the water. You would need to find a place where there is a balance between the heat and the cold. You need a place where the surface is frozen but the fishes could still swim freely underneath the frozen water (places like that are seldom found after all. Unless you count winter fishing).

There are many fishes for you catch in the frozen wasteland, but I have here with me a recommended fish for you: the walleye. Why the walleye?

ice fishing walleye tips

Walleyes? Why should I catch this fish?

Because they are nice to look at (for a fish that is).

Aside from them having a nice golden, brownish colour to them, walleyes are fishes that are both nutritious and delicious. You can catch them if you want to decorate your aquariums or you can catch them if you want them to decorate your stomach. Either way, you would only get the best out walleyes, and I promise you would not be disappointed by deciding to catch this fish.

However, the know how of fishes are not actually useful unless you know how to catch said fishes. True you know how walleyes taste and how they are a beautiful addition to your aquarium, but if you cannot catch them, there is no point in talking about them. Hence why I will tell you about what you need to catch walleyes.

Walleye Fishing Tips
Walleye Fishing Tips

Okay then, what should I need for walleyes?

For walleye catching, as with all types of fishes, you would need a sufficient knowledge of the fish itself. You need to learn more about your enemy, and only after you know how to hook them that you would win the contest of champions. You need to know that walleyes are not pushover and not a dim-witted fish. Walleyes are both strong and smart. Tackling them would require the combination of brains and brawns. I cannot provide the brawns, but I can give you some closure on the brains.

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For starters, I can tell you that walleyes prefer to stay near the bottom of the river or lake. You need to fish deep for this type of fish and you cannot simply bring a short line. You need to have a long line to be able to tackle this fish and the perseverance is a must.

Walleyes like to escape into the deeps if they are threatened, hence you also need to check the ridges. If you want to go full caveman, then just throw away the rod and take to the deep. I doubt you can handle the cold water though.

Last but not least, the bait. For baits, you can safely use synthetic baits for walleye because walleye is no smarter than a bass. What you need to know though, is that walleyes will be even more allured with your bait if you jig it. Jigging is the act of pulling your rod up and bringing it down. It emulates the act of a swimming fish, and walleyes are often the ‘none-the-wiser’ dudes in that case.

With this ice fishing walleye tips, I hope I can help you catch that delicious and beautiful walleye.