How to Fish Carp
How to Fish Carp

How to Fish Carp: 6 Excellent Tips to Catch Them!

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Before we go deep into the tips, it is better if for us to know some basic information regarding with this fish. If you know better, you will fish better.

Basic Knowledge of Carp

Carp is one of the well-known fishes to catch. They can be weight from two pounds to six pounds or even larger than that. Carp is actually a term for several species type of fish which are under Cyprinidae family. They are generally types of freshwater fish, which are big in size. Carp is originally from Asia as well as Europe, but now they are also available in many countries as an invasive fish. They fed themselves aquatic plants or insects, crustaceans, and small aquatic creatures.

There are many types of carp including crucian, common, catla, black, grass, bighead, migla, mud, and silver crap. Aside from those, you must be familiar with household fishes such as koi and goldfish which are also belong to the carp family. In order to have a great catch on carp, here are some tips from us on how to fish carp.

  1. Patience at is finest

Carp is not that kind of fish that is easy to catch. Being patient is an important matter here. You need to know that carp is not a one-straight eater. They need to strike on your bait gently for sometimes before finally get completely into your bait.

  1. Times

Fishing carp can be very particular. If you have no luck during the day, try to fish them late in the afternoon or early when the sun is not yet up. Try to fish in different time and you will be able to find the best time when to fish. When you go to a new fishing spot, it is always best to ask to the locals about the condition. Ask them about the best time for fishing or the best bait to use.

  1. Bait

One specific bait that is famous to attract carp is corn. Carp love them and it probably because of the flavor and the texture of it. Some anglers say that canned corn is best to use as a bait. It is sweeter rather than the one from the cob.

  1. Use ducks

If you are fishing in an area where ducks exist, then try to fish near them. Carp is famous for following ducks. Usually, people fed ducks with bread or any other foods and carp will also take the benefit from it. They eat what the ducks eat. Take your time to fish there and be patient for a while. If this does not work, move to another spot.

  1. The color of your hook

A hook is an important tool while fishing carp. The best one that we could recommend would probably be the one with black matte color. If you use corn as a bait, then use your yellow hook or the gold one to fish them. They are also fine baits to use but try your best to use shiny hook when fishing carp in a muddy water since they will scare the fish away.

  1. Artificial Bait

You can’t really go fishing without bringing artificial baits. Not only live baits, carp are also attracted by artificial bait. They are hard to catch but with the right bait, it is going to help you fish easier. Artificial worms is a great choice to use when fishing carp. Always keep several artificial baits in your tackle box, just in case you need another option for bait.

Fishing carp is going to be difficult if you are not using the right properties. They are quite picky and hard to deal. Other tips on how to fish carp are to use a razor sharp hook and bring a hook remover to deal with the fish.

We hope our tips and tricks on how to fish carp is informational and helpful for you. Keep practicing and exploring for the best fishing experience. Good luck!