Lake Trout Fishing Tips
Lake Trout Fishing Tips

Fishing the Lake Trout Effectively with Lake Trout Fishing Tips

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For you who interested in fishing lake trout, these lake trout fishing tips might be very important for you. Fishing lake trout might be quite challenging for you who don’t know the correct way or for the beginner. You need to know the characteristic of the fish, where you can find the fish, and the equipment that you need to prepare in fishing the lake trout. Therefore, we are going to discuss all you need to know about fishing lake trout.

Brief Information about Lake Trout

Lake trout or also called salyelinus namaycush is one type of trout that natively live in North America. However, nowadays, you can find the fish in other parts of the world such as Europe, South America and Asia. Lake trout is freshwater fish and the most favorite fish in North America. They can live for up to 25 years. Their body can grow 14’’ to 20’’ and 10 pounds. Lake trout lives in the large lake that has deep and cold water. They love to eat small species such as small crustaceans, snails, leeches, insect larvae and small fish. Commonly, lake trout will spawn during the fall season, but it is also influenced by other factors such as location and weather pattern. Lake trout can be easily recognized, compared with other types of trout due to the yellowish and white spot on the dark green and gray body. – Lake trout this size aren’t interested in your No. 2 spinner; they want a substantial meal. Go big or go home. Photo courtesy of Rick Arnold of Trophy Trout Guide.

Lake Trout Fishing Tips

There are some tips that gathered by many professional anglers that will help you to fish the lake trout:

  1. The Depth

The Depth might be one of the most important factors that you need to consider when you are looking for lake trout. Lake trout like the cold water. It means that you need to go to deeper in the warmer season. In the winter time, lake trout will come up to the surface or 10’. In mid spring, the fish will be around 20’ to 30’ feet deep, while in the late spring, you will find the lake trout about 30’ to 45’ feet deep. Catching the lake trout during the summer will very difficult, because the fish tend to stay in the deeper depth. Predicting the depth might be quite frustrating for many anglers. Therefore, you can use fish finder to help you determine more accurately the depth where the lake trout school is.

  1. Best live bait options

There are some options of live bait that can be used to catch lake trout. The first option will be the night crawler. Besides the night crawlers, there other options such as medium to large size minnows and salmon eggs can also be very effective to be the live bait.

  1. The Lures

There are some factors that can influence the type of lures that should be used in fishing lake trout. You need to consider the size of the lake trout population, depth, the season and available bait fish. It is recommended that you use lures that mimic native bait fish such as panther Martin, South Bend Kastaway Trophy Spoon, Dynamic Crankbait, and Yakima Rooster Tail.

Those are some good tips that you can follow in fishing lake trout. Hopefully, these lake trout fishing tips can be a good reference and help you catch the lake trout.