Fishing Tips for Bass
Fishing Tips for Bass

Fishing Tips for Bass You Need to Keep in Mind

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Bass is one of the most popular fishes among anglers. Bass is actually one general term for some fish species including Choctaw bass, Guadalupe bass, striped bass, and white bass. The term bass generally refers to largemouth bass as one of the most popular species out there.

This particular species of fish can be easily found in North America. They have a distinct appearance, which is olive green. It also has dark strips in its jagged strip. Bass could live until up to 16 years and could be a massive sized fish. The world record for its size is 19.5 inches long with 22 pounds of weight. Bass can eat their pray which is 25% to 50% their body length. For a successful fishing, especially on bass, here are our picks of best tips on how to fish bass. From where its live until what bait works best, here are fishing tips for bass from us.

  1. Bass Habitant

Bass loves shelter. Bass barely active during a bright sunny day. They prefer to stay at the sheltered place. They love to conceal themselves and stay away from sunlight. Our best recommendation if you go fish for bass is on a sunny day try to find a covered place, they could be water grass, ruck, or wood where they could conceal themselves.

When you go on a cloudy day, where the sun does not shine that bright you may have higher chance to find bass coming out their shelter. They tend to go out on a cloudy day. The weather plays an important role when it comes to fishing bass. So, knowing the current weather is a big point when bass fishing.

  1. Lures

Buzzbait is a great option for bass fishing. You can see many professionals use buzzbait to fish bass. It attracts bass by its noisy buzzing sounds. Other than buzzbait, you can also try sniperbait and chaterbait as moving baits which also attract bass to get closer to you. Keep doing flip and pitch as the best technique to get bass.

The other thing about lures when fishing bass is that, the size of the lures does not matters. Bigger lures do not mean that you are going to catch a bigger bass or vice versa. Remember that they eat their pray which 25%-50% of their body length. Even with big lures you still have a higher possibility of getting small bass.

  1. Live baits

Live bait always works best when fishing. Even though many anglers do not like to go with live baits, but the chance of getting a catch is also high. Worms, frogs, and crayfish are good options for artificial baits.

  1. Line

You need to concern about what line you should use when fishing. Due to bass’ habitat where rocks, branches, or stumps might there as well, it would make your line broken. Find the one with has good strength to fight against rocks and other stuff. You do not want to lose against the fish because of a broken line.

  1. Right time for fishing

When you go fishing bass, the first few hours in the morning is the best time to get to the field. The last few hours on the evening also best to go. Go find holes where bass commonly lives. Fishing during the spawning season also a great idea. Basically, bass will spawn during the springtime when the water’s temperature is about 55 to 60 degree.

Keeping in mind about these fishing tips would be beneficial when you go fishing. Knowing what should you do and don’t will keep up your chance for having a nice fishing experience. We hope that our recommendations on fishing tips for bass would be informational enough for you and we always hope you have a great fight against the fish. Good luck!