Jug fishing tips
Jug fishing tips

Jug Fishing Tips for The Harvest Fisher

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Jug fishing tips can be hard to come by, but that does not mean there are no guides on the topic at all. This article is one such guide, and here I will tell you all the things you need to be able to jug fish.

Jug fishing might be one of the most indigenous fishing methods out there available (aside from spearfishing and your ordinary line fishing), but this method have been proven effective in the testing. While you would require some level of reflex and finesse to be able to spear fish effectively, you would need less of the same skills to be able to jug fish. It is easy to do and the bounty is often magnanimous; you require only a jug, a suitable bait, patience, and providence.

However, not many understood how jug fishing worked. That is why I am here to tell you the basics of jug fishing first.

Jug Fishing Tips for The Harvest Fisher
Jug Fishing Tips for The Harvest Fisher

Jug fishing? Is it really possible?

Of course it is possible. Everything is possible as long as you put your mind unto it, and jug fishing is one of those things you need to put your mind into.

The premise of jug fishing is actually pretty simple: you put a jug and a line beneath it, put some bait on the hook, wait for some naïve fishes to nibble on your bait, brood over the pain that the fish has to go through from getting a hook stuck on its cheek, and pull the jug out for your fresh bounty. It is a very easy thing to do as long as you got the patience and the perseverance to go through the wait.

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Jug fishing is a form of fishing that you can use to catch many kinds of fishes, but catfishes are often the type of fish that are caught using this type of fishing. Do not feel limited on the types of the fishes you can catch though because this type of fishing is as easy as pulling out a jug out of the water.

I do not know whether or not you can jug fish in the sea, but the seas are often filled with fishes that are bigger than the jug itself, so I do not see the point in doing it. You do not and will not want to jug fish a shark after all.

newbie jug fisher
Tips Newbie Jug Fisher

Okay you got me. Any tips for the newbie jug fisher?

The first thing I must tell you is the most basic thing I can give you if you want to start fishing: you need to have the perseverance to go through the long wait of fishing. Fishing is not a game of cat and mouse; you cannot expect to hook a fish after a few seconds of wait. Fishing is more like session of a trading card game. You wait for your opponent (in this case, the fish) to make some mistakes and only after then that you must activate your trap card (in this case, your hook). Your opponent would get surprised because of your trap card, hence opening themselves to a swift coup-de-grace.

Other than that, there is nothing I can tell you aside that you need to have a fishing line, a bait, a hook, and the jug itself. Creating the jug itself is not that hard, so I guess you will be fine.

I cannot give you more on the topic of jug fishing tips aside from patience itself, so be sure to have them if you intend to delve into the world of jug fishing.