Texas City Dike Fishing Tips
Texas City Dike Fishing Tips

What You Should Know Before You Try Texas City Dike Fishing

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The Texas City Dike involved into Galveston Bay in the eastern end part of Texas City. The dike was parallel into north at 50-foot-deep along with 600 foot wide of Texas City Channel, which also allow the shipping traffic access the port in Texas City. The structure of dike consists of pile dike at 28,200-foot-long which approximately around 5,43 miles was paired with rubble mound dike which spread out along the south edge of dike.

This Texas City Dike was built in order to protect this Texas City Channel from the cross flow and avoid to get excessive silting, although this channel was still be dredged to avoid getting shoaling in the waterway. The Texas City Dike also popular as a fishing spot, there are three varieties if free were most look for in Galveston Bay, they are redfish, speckled trout and flounder. They are usually become year-round challenge for the sportsman of saltwater as well. In popularity side, the speckled trout become on the first line, redfish on the second place then southern founder was the close third as well. Every fish is different, but they share one thing in common, here is great table fare. You might need to get Texas City Dike Fishing Tips before to get there, however there is much information that you can get as your consideration first.

What you should know?
For those who look for saltwater will find the flounder and it’s also quite intimidating as well. of course, it looks like stranger creature. When it was born, the flounder also looks like the others, then he starts to swim in vertical position along with an eye on each side. However, the strange thing comes up after it when an eye starts migrate on tip of his head, having pigmentation leaves in his side and getting body flattens as well. He does not swim in vertical position anymore and spend his life in horizontal position. So, both of eyes were on the same side in the head, so he spends of his life on waiting on the bottom waiting for his food pass overhead as well. He also has an ability to change his color in order to blend with the rocky or sandy bottom, make him camouflage perfectly in silent mode. Only with one quick move, he opens his big mouth and inhales his pray.

The Texas City Dike is a house, or at least this is stopping point for the flounder. It offers you with structure such as: rocks, pier pilling and the protected coves for the flounder finding his food. During fall season, this flounder makes their own annual pilgrimage to the Mexico Gulf to spawn as well. Female flounder is the biggest and can be caught around ten pounds in this season. You cannot catch female flounder in this large size on September to December. On March and April, the flounder had been returned from the gulf. You can get other Texas City Dike Fishing Tips to know more detail about other fishes.