Muskie Fishing Tips
Muskie Fishing Tips

Muskie Fishing Tips, Techniques and Tricks

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Muskie is a large species in the freshwater that came from North America. Muskie was only nickname for this species, then the original name is muskellunge. You should know that in the pike family Muskie is the biggest member and they are very rare to be found as well. They only can be found in big river, oligotrophic lakes and mesotrophic lakes in the North America. Muskie will hunt and eat their prey which is up to 30 percent of their body length and this is involving of frogs, crayfish, muskrats, mice, snake, duckling and other mammals or small birds as well. In spring season, they will eat their common pray, however they will eat bigger prey when they prepare for winter season.

Muskie prefers to get consistent water habitat with clear water which consists of weeds, rock and other structures, so they can rest and hunt. They like the shallow areas which have heavy weed cover and prefer in shorelines rock as well. So, this is also rare event when catching a Muskie in the depth over than 40 feet. When they spawn, they also prefer to get water temperature around 50 to 60 degrees. Muskie can be recognized easily because they come in light brown color which spotted and very similar with red fins. So, when you read this article, you might interest to get Muskie Fishing Tips and how is the best technique to catch Muskie? Here we go

Here Muskie Fishing Tips, Techniques and Tricks:

Knowing the body of water

Before you go fishing, you should have a map about body of water where you plan to fish on. Your map will help you to get useful information, such as: contour line and depth indicators as well. so, it lead you to get best spot for Muskie.

You can go barbless

A good safety was needed when you fishing for Muskie by using hooks which were barbless. It will make you easy to remove the hook.

You can go in spring season

When the water just so fresh and when the water is cool then you can use smaller size lure. You should remember that on sprig months, they prey for smaller pray and increasing their prey size on fall months.

Ensure that you have right setup

You might want to have 20 to 25 pound for fishing line and 7 to 8 foot for fishing pole. You also need to get wire which is at 75 to 100 pound. Keep in mind that you cannot catch monster without having right equipment. So, the leader wire might be overlooked frequently. You can buy it from reliable brand.

Minnows or frogs

If you want to fish Muskie with live bait, then this is better to use bull frogs or extra large of minnows as well. They work well and become a good basic food in Muskie diet as well. So, those Muskie Fishing Tips might lead you to get great Muskie and happy trying.