Northern Pike Fishing Tips
Northern Pike Fishing Tips

Northern Pike Fishing Tips and Techniques

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As we know that pike is a great fish to catch, they come in many different sizes and relatively to be targeted if you know how to do it. They can come to you in trophy size and start to get great fight as well. Their fillets were bony, but if you know how to fillet the bones properly, it will taste great as well. The best spot fishing for pike was that lakes and rivers in Northern USA and Canada were loaded with them.

You should know that Poke prefer to get patrol in many rivers, lakes and ponds in the Northern USA and Canada. So, you need Northern Pike Fishing Tips to make your hunt perfectly and having great battle with it. You should know that pike were very fast when moving, which is means that you should troll him on a boat in quick pace. May also a great month to target pike in Canada and Northern US. They were being recuperated from spawning, so this is a great month for you.

These tips before will help you to catch them, check these out:

This part might be a section that bring you here as the first place. As mentioned before that fishing pike is a great thing. They were so fun to be caught and were taste great. Here the tips:

Pike in the shallow areas and weed beds

You can use the floated crank baits and spinner just right above the weed beds. This is because pike often hide in this area and they will attack your lure as well. If you find put that you are getting hook up using these weeds more frequent than not use your weed less lure.

Northern Pike Fishing Tips
Northern Pike Fishing Tips

Start with bigger thing

Pike will attack your bait in bigger size. If you are targeting to get huge pike which were bigger than 10 lbs, you can use large bite as well. You are able to use 8 inches and bigger size of crank baits that can be your best choice. The color does not matter; however, you can get in fire tiger which become a color which also work best in all year round.

Fast trolling

As mentioned before that pike has great fast moving and will attack your lure fast at as well. So, you should boost your trolling which allow you to get cover more water and attracting your pike as well. So, this is also better if you choose shining lures such as the spinners that will work great in sunny day.

You can use the braided line

You might not know that the regular line will snap easily. Pike has the sharp teeth like a razor and will start great fight with you. So, this is better when you are dealing with bigger fish. You can use 15bof braided line and it seems effective for both of small or large pike as well. If you do not use braided line, ensure that you use the steel leader. Those Northern Pike Fishing Tips are hoping can be your useful information.