Shark Fishing Tips
Shark Fishing Tips

Shark Fishing Tips for Beginner

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Big teeth, big fish along with big gear make shark fishing become more intimidate pursuit as well. Of course, you do not need to sit in fighting chair and pool cue rod to catch a shark. Actually, the brained line and high-performance reels can catch shark become easier that before, of course as long as you know the techniques as well. In this article you will get several shark fishing tips, especially for beginner. In many coastal areas, shark is common catch among commercial and recreational fisherman who targeting different fish species as well. There are too many sharks died because of fear and lack of knowledge how to handle them. In other side, there are many recreational fishermen who been addicted with shark fishing because there is nothing else than pull of this tiger shark in 12 foot. However, both of groups can get benefits from understanding how to keep safety of sharks when they are pursuing their hobby or profession that they love most.

Here several shark fishing tips for beginner:

Choose right bait

Shark fishing is actually come from with fishing for bluefish, whiting or other smaller fishes as the bait.  Fish for sharks with same species of bait as they were eating in their habitat is important. So, if you are on a boat, you can throw your cast net, let it drown at the bottom and pull off your fresh bait.

The line and leader

When you are fishing in the surf, then you can use the braided line as your main line. For sharks in 7 feet, you can use 60lb of braided lain. However, you are also need to get spring monofilament line as well. At least, you should use two feet of wire leader in the end. You should know that a shark can move fast or swallow many lines to be bitten, even you go with the thickest monofilament as well.


You should know that this is a match the hatch game when you were choosing your hooks. Firstly, you can go with circle hooks, it helps you to ensure that shark was hooked on the mouth, not in belly. You do not have a plan to remove a hook form its belly, right? Keep your hand safety and your shark should be alive using the circle hook.

Landing your shark

One of the biggest mistakes that fisherman made is to wade out to the chest level then throw out their bait off beyond the surf as well. If you are expecting to get huge shark at least 6 feet or more, however, they will stay out where the shore just drops off, of course they just beyond the surf as well. So, the easier way is kayaking out beyond of breakers, start to drop your bait and kayaking back to the shore. When you know that he was hooked, tighten your drag then give your slight tug. You should know that this is tug of war game, do not to be rush because landing a shark usually take more one hour.