Spring Crappie Fishing Tips
Spring Crappie Fishing Tips

Spring Crappie Fishing Tips from Sam Heaton

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It is time to Spring Crappie Fishing Tips time. From the legendary Crappies fishing, Sam Heaton, we can learn how to get best crappies fishing tips.  Sam Heaton has his instructional DVD for Crappies Fishing techniques that becomes one of best-selling DVD for more than 25 years after it first time released in Bass Pro Shops.

Spring Crappie Fishing Tips strategy

The legendary fisher, Sam Heaton believes that key for successful crappie fishing is stand for understanding the difference on spring pawning phases. The water temperature is the key for setting up the strategy.

The optimal temperature for spawning is different depend to such factors such as water clarity, lake size, depth, current river and many others factors. However, in general, crappies spawn is present when the water temperature is 57 degree to 65 degree. Here are Sam Heaton’s tips for fishing crappies in all three spawning crappies phase.

  • Pre-spawn. When fish in spawn stages, they often look at river outlets, near big coves, major creek mouths, and points.
  • Spawn. This phase comes out with visible cover, in water in deep of 3 to 7 feet deep.  This deep is the prime location for the active spawn fish. Few days after the mild warm weather trend are the ideal, especially for the pre-spawn fish that hold on the spot. This weather will trigger the crappies for moving shallow to spawn near the cover. This condition is available for using 10-12 feet rod.
  • Post-spawn. Once when the spawning urge subsides, the crappies will move to the major structure drop off. There are some structures that hold crappies only 8 feet water deep, while others take more than 25 feet deep.  The crappies are becomes hungry and most of them often set in near of large shad school.

Early Season Spring Crappie Fishing Secret

What you need for early spring crappie fishing? Learn the secret that will make you expert and get the satisfied fish catch with your crappies fishing.

  • Routes of migration. Crappies have predictable path for their spawn. The crappies typically reservoir to winter deep main lake structures such as submerged roadbeds, river channel drop-offs, and in offshore humps. Most of it available in 25 to 50 feet deep. As the lake become warm continually in early spring, crappies will gravitate toward the shallower water that follow the fish to the migration routes and lead to the spawning areas.
  • The spawning keys. From the spawning areas, it will present in condition with : 40 to 50 degree in wintering area, the initial movement in shallow water is about 55 degree to 60 degree, the stage or rest areas in wood around cover in 65 degree to 70n degree, and the final destination at spawn will reach 70-75 degree.
  • Dream boat. Use boat with elevated casting deck wills do accurate cast. Boat that equipped with sonar unit will give sensor of water temperature that becomes the critical focus for the prespawn catch.

When you start your crappie fishing hunt, do not forget that you need to take your tactic and tips to win. The Sam Heaton Spring Crappie Fishing Tips and Technique will guide you as a crappie fisher pro.