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How to Fly Fishing

How to Surf Fishing: 6 Best Surf Fishing Tips!

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Surf fishing is one of the fishing methods out there. It is, of course, different with any other fishing methods. As the name of the method, you will highly be going to fish through the waves. If you are new to this method, it is better to know some tips on how to surf fishing. It could be both happy and sad experience, but if you consider these tips, your fishing tips will less likely to fail. Here are some tips for you.

Surf Fishing

Before we are going to the tips. It is a must to know some basic knowledge about what is surf fishing. Surf fishing is one of the fishing method done at the shore or at the beach. You are basically coming to the waves or just standing on the shoreline of the beach. Anglers who do surf fishing bring a super long fishing rod and use both of their hands (or even their whole body) to cast. This is because you need to reach a great distance while casting.

This sport is categorized as a dangerous sport as you might get hurt and might hurt people as well. Always check your surroundings before you finally release your cast. That is all for the introduction, let’s move to the surf fishing tips.

  1. 1. Come at the right time is essential

Fish movement is affected by many factors. Factors such as season, tides, weather, and temperature are some factors that determine fish movement. During the late spring, early summer, and fall, fish is likely to be there swimming on the water. Because during these seasons there must be some migratory patterns occurring. With the right weather and tides fish are likely coming to the shore to feed themselves.

  1. Know the Tide

Fish are more likely to go closer to the shore during the high tide. You will have a better chance of getting a bait when fishing during this time. High tide brings more fish rather than low tide. Fish also more active when the sun is not quite up yet. Consider fishing early in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is quite friendly. But since the days get darker, your sight will also be limited. Be careful when casting your bait, always look around if there are people or swimmer near you.

  1. Live baits

Some live baits are popular among anglers to use while surf fishing. Mole crabs, shrimp, squid, and sandworms are examples of popular live baits. The best ones we would like to recommend are shrimp, squid, and mullet. Shrimp is the best option out of all. It can attract any species of fish. The downside of having shrimp as your bait is that it is easily fall off during the fishing. So, you need to find a way to prevent them from falling off. Squid and mullet are fine options, but more likely to be ignored by fish.

  1. Tackle

If you want to use lure for your fishing, stay simple with silver or gold lure. The best tip would be asking the nearest local bait shop in the place you are about to go fishing. They will give you extra tips in fishing. Ask for what bait would be the best, when the best time to fish or any other questions. The tackle shop owners will happily share their information with you.

  1. Fishing tackle

If you are a beginner, carry two rods and quite amount of bait and lures. A 12 feet to 15 feet long fishing rod would be optimal to use for surf fishing. You will also need a knife and hook remover for your fishing. A cooling container is a great equipment to carry to keep your live bait fresh.

  1. Safety number one

Surf fishing is a dangerous sport. You have to stand and face the waves that are coming. Always tell your relatives where and when you are going to fish. It also best to always check your surroundings before finally release your cast, since it could be dangerous as well for your surroundings.

We hope that our tips on how to surf fishing are helpful and informative for you. Always learn and practice to be a more experienced angler. Keep fighting and good luck!