4 Popular Fishing Rods Used by Fisherman Nowadays

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In order to catch big and high-quality fish, one must possess the great fishing skill and the gear to support it. One of the gears that can increase the probability of fisherman to catch big and high-quality fish is the fishing rods. The better your fishing rods, the higher your chance to get the bigger and better fish, since different fishing rods have different quality and endurance to hold the fish.

Thus, in this article, we will review about the 4 popular fishing rods used by fisherman to catch the fishes nowadays. The popularity is shown by its grip, endurance, stability, and comfortability offered by the fishing rods. If you are looking for the best fishing rods used by fisherman to catch big fish, then you need to read more below.

  • Penn Battle II Inshore Spinning Rod

The Penn Battle II rod is considered as one of the popular fishing rods used by fisherman today. This fishing rod is made of aluminum oxide and offers maximum stability and comfortability in the grip and handle are. The reel also made with metal and given you the opportunity to avoid reverse bearing and trip you backward. If you are looking for full-day fishing, then this might be your choice. The Penn Battle II rod is sold for 90 – 100 dollars.

  • Penn Spinfisher V Surf Rod

Another product of Penn that is quite popular among the fisherman and fishing addict is the Penn Spinfsiher V. Sold for $170 at the fishing sore, the Penn Spinfisher V offers a heavy duty bode made from metal, thus increasing the durability of the Rod. The reel also made from metal to prevent the fisherman or the user to trip while trying to catch the big fish. The handle also consists of rubber to increase comfortability when gripping on the rod when fishing. Overall, this is a perfect rod for your big events.

  • Kistler Feel n Reel

The rod made by North Fork Composite Blank Technology is 7’1” inch which has the ability to transfer the weight of the fish into the cast. This rod has two-tone color, which makes you easy to recognize whether your bait is being bitten by the fish or not. Furthermore, the handle of the Kistler Feel n Reel also increase the stability of the grip, thus increasing the percentage of you to catch and keep when fighting with the big fish in your reel. Kistler Feel n Reel is commonly sold with a fee of $250 per rod.

  • Fitzgerald Vursa

The Fitzgerald Vursa is known for a specific rod to catch big size bass. The Fitzgerald Vursa is a very light rod since it was made with American Tackle Microwave and AT reel. It is also made with 30-Ton high modulus, which increases the durability of the rod. The rod also transferred the vibration and let you feel every single movement of the bait, thus making you easy in recognizing whether the bait is being bitten or stuck. Not only that, the rod is also made to be resistance to cold and hot weather. The Fitzgerald Vursa is being sold online or offline for $150 per piece.

That is the 4 popular fishing rods used by fisherman to get big and better fish nowadays. The mentioned fishing rods are based on the review by the fisherman and the fishing addict. If you ever used one of the fishing rods mentioned above, then you might want to share your experience in how you feel when using the rods. If you have not yet tried it, then hurry up and try it.