4 Most Watched Fishing Reality Shows on Television

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Fishing is quite an addictive activity. Those who loved fishing might not be able to stop fishing. However, for you who cannot go fishing, you might something to satisfy your fishing needs by watching the fishing reality show on Television. It could satisfy you when you cannot keep fishing.

Today, we will review about the 4 most watched fishing reality shows on television. If you need some fishing entertainment, then you might need to check out more below. It might satisfy your fishing needs just by watching the fishing television shows.

  • The Wicked Tuna Show

Aired on National Geographic channel, the Wicked Tuna Show is considered as the most watched fishing reality shows on television. The Wicked Tuna Show is a fishing reality which shown several fishermen who have no fear catching the Bluefin Tuna, which considered as one of the rarest and hardest Tuna to be caught. However, at the Wicked Tuna Show, the fisherman is shown to be caught several 900 to 1000 kilograms of Tuna with using fishing rod and reel only. Those fearless and against the odd action was aired on National Geographic and gain a lot of attention from the people who watched the show.

  • The Fishing Impossible

The Fishing Impossible is one of the television show about fishing activities that aired on ITV on Tuesday night at 19.30 from September to October 2016. The Fishing Impossible is an about several people catching the rarest and uncatchable fishes, or even catching fishes at the odd or dangerous location. The people who act as the presenter is Charlie Butcher the pilot and amateur fisherman, Jay the Marine and “Blowfish” the biologist. Most of the actions are taken in the dangerous areas, which challenge the presenter to catch the fish under heavy pressure. The fishing Impossible last only 30 minutes, but some of the show can last for 60 minutes maximum. Overall, it is a good show for you who love the fishing challenge.

  • The World Fishing Network

If you love sportfishing or any other television show related to fishing, then you might want to consider watching the World Fishing Network. Commonly shortened as WFN, this show only focus on fishing and catching with styles or even defending yourself from any water creatures. There is some action in the World Fishing Network that considered extreme, which is hunting down the blue whale. The blue whale is considered as the bigger water creature known nowadays and also a rare animal. That is one of many reasons why the World Fishing Network is quite a controversial television show.

  • King Fisher

Now if you love watching the stylish fishing show rather than sportfishing or dangerous fishing show, then you might want to watch King Fisher. Aired by National Geographic channel, the King Fisher is a fishing reality show that focuses on three different fishermen or angler that compete against each other to catch bigger, better or numerous fishes. Most of the episodes of King Fisher are conducted in the United States territory, but there are several episodes of anglers in several countries, such as England, Thailand, South Africa, or even Sweden. Thus, if you love fishing competition, then you might want to watch this kind of show.

That is the 4 most watched fishing reality shows on television. The shows mentioned were considered most watched based on the rating and the views of the show. The mentioned shows offer the best fishing show for you who loved fishing information or fishing entertainment. If you ever watched the shows and it could entertain you, please share your experience below.