5 Best Fishing Spots in Europe You Need to Visit

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There are uncountable fishing spots around the world. There is no clear end to how much great places to go for fishing. If you are quite an explorer, of course traveling is a big thing. A travel angler will never stop traveling looking for great places to fill their experience. But if you are quite a new angler and you live somewhere in Europe who don’t know much about some great places to go, worry not! Here are some recommendations for best fishing spots in Europe for your next fishing plan!

  • Canary Island, Spain

Canary islands is a small island with a great abundance of saltwater fish. This small island will give you a great experience to deal. It is famous for its deep sea fishing around the world. Its clear blue water welcomes you the time you arrives. Get your rods and tackle box ready to catch various species of fish including the world’s famous game fish blue marlin, spearfish, bigeye tuna, blue tuna, yellowfin, and amberjack.

  • Laxa River, Iceland

The next best fishing spot in Europe is in Norway. Laxa River is one of the most famous fishing spots in Norway. The landscape will never disappoint you. It has little islands with tributaries which are cool and refreshing. Aside from its beautifulness, it also a great place to throw a cast with fly fishing. Laxa River is a popular place for its trout and salmon, which are acknowledged worldwide with average weight 20 pounds. Get ready for a big catch!

  • Alta River, Norway

Another popular fishing spot in the land of Europe is Alta River. It has a great landscape with beautiful mountains and pretty environment. What is best from this fishing spot is that their abundance of great salmon with average weight 25 pounds. You may be able to get 25 pounds salmon when fishing but if you are lucky enough 50 pounds salmon may strike your bait as well.

  • Orkney Island, Scotland

Orkney Island is famous for their landscape as well as the fishing experience they offer. Great landscape including beautiful sea next to dramatic cliffs will greet you the time you land your feet. Numerous species of fish await your bait. The popular ones are sea trout, brown trout, bass, cod, and shark. If you like to fish and need sometimes to refresh your mind, this place is a brilliant choice to note.

  • Soca River, Slovenia

The time you meet the view of Soca River, you are going to fall in love right at that moment. Socca River has a great view with beautiful mountains as well as a very clear emerald green water. This place is a perfect option for people who want a fresh and healing place. Take your time to fish here. It is a home for brown and brook tuna, and if you are lucky, you are going to get a bite from marble trout as well. This place is quite easy to access from the neighborhood like Italy, Croatia, and Austria.

Those five places we mentioned above are worth your note to be checked for your future plans. We believe that there are still a lot of places in Europe that worth visiting. Exploring new places is fun and you are also able to learn and explore new things from it. If you live in Europe and you want to explore not-so-far and best fishing places, those five places are worth your time.

Still, Learning and practicing are keys if you want to be a more advanced angler. We hope that our recommendations on best fishing spots in Europe are informative for you. Keep yourself motivated and travel as much as you can. Last word, good luck!