4 Most Important Halibut Fishing Tips

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Halibut fishing tips is the topic this article will focus on. To get the best caught of halibut hooks, it is important for you to do the following tips:

  • The rod

To begin with, the first thing you need to mind is the rod. Use only sturdy halibut rod. The 6 up to 7 ft in American style is one best choice you can have. It is designed specially for halibut fishing. The balanced, powerful but lightweight property it has makes this rod in more than capable of giving you the ease in halibut fishing. On the other hand, if you use a sturgeon rod, it might still work. However, you will need to put a little weight on it. Eventually, using this type of rod might tire you out if you have halibut fishing all day long. for other option, it is recommended to use the 60lb braided Dacron test line. It is strong steel in lightweight property.

  • The bait

In placing the bait for the hook, you need to choose carefully. Herring, crab, salmon heads, cod, as well as octopus are great choices you can have. if you have finished adjusting it, toss the line. Open up the bail in the fishing reel. It is to let the weight fall down. If it already hits the bottom, close the bail. Do not make a move and wait for about 30 seconds. Pull the weight then let it fall again. Why should you do this? It is because Halibut has high interest in scent. Therefore, when you bounce the ball, it is just the same as you send the vibrations to indicate that there is food.

  • Know where Halibut usually lives

Halibut is one animal, which likes to live in the bottom. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that you drop t he hook until the floor of the ocean. The depth of water in between 200 up to 300 is the most favorite place they live on, moreover, if this place is added with piles of rocks as well as ledges.  What can we do to get the hook in precise place? There are many options, which you choose actually. First, you can start by studying marine charts or even using the help of GPS. For other option, you can also ask the help of professional charter boat captains to ease your job in determining the perfect areas.

  • What you need to do when you are waiting

Doing anything in this period is indeed no a good thing to do. Make sure that you always take a careful watch on the fishing rod. Usually, it will bounce up and down due to the rise or even the fall of the ocean. This bouncing is usually on steady. Therefore, you need to notice when there is a change on the tip dance. It can be one indication that the halibut already taken the bait.

Those are all information we can share on these Halibut fishing tips.